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December updates Please Read


Parents, we have some important announcements and updates for you. Please make sure you read the updates entirely before going to the new site.

Effective January 1st, 2019 ride credits will no longer be in use.

However, if you have any existing ride credits you will receive a personal email letting you know how many credits you have and a way for you to access them and make your reservations. A credit reservation form will be emailed for you to complete until we notify you that you are out of credits. All pre-reservations on the old site have been deleted and will need to be resubmitted.

Each time you purchase a ride a Reservation can be made. Individual reservations will be $10 per ride /reservation. Individual reservations are the only reservations that can be canceled for a future credit.

You will still be able to purchase individual rides for $8 through the end of the month however, Individual rides will have a price increase of $10 Effective January 1st

Discounted transportation will be provided to weekly and monthly riders.  These reservations cannot be canceled for an individual day and credit.

Weekly and monthly riders will not be required to make a daily reservation. Their seat on the bus will be reserved for them all week or all month.

A weekly bus pass will be $40 a week.  If your child requires morning and afternoon transportation, they will need to purchase a pass for both the morning and afternoons.

A monthly bus pass will be calculated At $8 x the number of days in the month 

Walk on rides will have to be paid ($10) before ride can be given if space is available. 

We understand that this new system is completely different from what many of you are used to. However, parts of the system formerly used are being phased out and will no longer be compatible with the Web service. This may have resulted in some customers having re- occurring issues while making reservations.

Our team has been working with a web developer to help make the reservation process easier and more reliable for both you, the driver, and the routes/ reservation manager. 

Any questions please email us at


School Transportation

Bell Creek - Valrico academy - riverview high school


We provide transportation for students who attend Bell Creek Academy, Valrico Academy and Riverview High School. If you are interested in transportation for another school, you may call us at 813-406-8294 or use the contact form at the top of this page  to send us a request.

Morning transportation is for Bell Creek only. We only pickup  from selected pickup locations.

Afternoon transportation is from each school at dismissal time and students are dropped off at the addresses you select when making a reservation. If this is your home address, the driver will wait to make sure your student gets inside, before leaving. You may also put in a drop off address anywhere in our service area such as a library, afterschool program or your office!

The morning pick up locations for south Riverview are:

  1. 07:40 The Publix Plaza on the corner of Big Bend and Highway 301 The meeting place is on the north end of the sidewalk by the dentist office.
  2. 07:50 Panther Trace Clubhouse closest to hwy 301 This is the Club house at Bramfield Drive.
  3. 08:00 Ramble Creek Clubhouse on the corner of Symmes Rd and Ramble Creek

The morning pickup locations for Brandon are:

  1. 07:05  Providence West Park   5417 Providence Rd in front of Rec center

To start transportation for your students from one of these schools:

  1. Register on this website as a parent or guardian of the student(s) needing transportation.
  2. Make reservations for the days you need transportation.  If Your child will ride everyday purchase weekly or Monthly credits no need to make multiple reservations.   If your child will ride on specific days, then choose daily and don't forget to  choose the dates your student will require a ride.


Make a Reservation Now

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a ride cost? We offer Monthly or weekly passes or daily.


How Far in advance can I make a reservation? You have until the day of to make a same day reservation BEFORE Noon.

Do you have to ride everyday?

Discounts are provided to frequent riders. You make reservations only for the days you need a ride. So if you need a ride  for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, then you make a reservation for those days. If you need a ride everyday, then our  weekly or monthly rider option will work better for you.

What if I make a reservation and then need to cancel it, will I get a refund?

For afternoon reservations, as long as you cancel by 10a.m. each day, you get to move your reservation to another day. If you wait until after 10a.m. there is NO refund.

How will I know if my student is actually on the bus? 

Once you subscribe to our Remind app text Bus824 to 81010, we will send you a text when your student is on the bus, and  when they are dropped off.

Where do you drop off the students?

In the afternoon we drop students off at the address that you put in the reservation as the destination. If the destination is a building or a home, our driver will wait for your student to go inside. If it is a public park or practice field, our driver will watch until the passenger is safely away from the road.

Do you go to our address?

Basically we go as far south as Big Bend road, as far west as Highway 301 as far east as Mulrennan Rd